A Comparison Of Commercial & Domestic Construction

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Commercial and domestic construction are two very different types of building work depending on the project. Skills that need to be applied to commercial buildings may not be applicable in a domestic setting, and vice versa. Therefore, it’s important to be able to understand the differences, so you know when you need each one. Fortunately, we’ve created a useful comparison guide to help you identify the key contrasts.

What Is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction is a sector of the building industry that focuses primarily on large-scale projects. This can vary from offices in the city to housing estates in the countryside. However, industrial work takes up the majority of the space. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, power stations and other projects of this nature are particularly popular commercial projects.

What Is Domestic Construction?

Domestic construction is building work on a smaller scale, focused mainly on residential buildings. Home refurbishments and renovations are particularly popular styles of domestic building. However, new home builds, extensions and landscaping can also fall under this category. Just because the scale is smaller does not mean that the skill required is any less.

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The main difference between domestic and commercial construction is the size and logistics of the job. When dealing with big projects and lots of trades, organisation and logistics take up the main stage. So much so, that it often means work carried out as an individual may be less than that on domestic sites. However, when dealing with large scale works, it’s important that every cog in a wheel functions as it should. Domestic construction on the other hand is more precise finishing work on people’s homes and properties. It can be more intricate, usually on a small scale but no less important than that of its commercial counterpart. Additionally, you’ll often find commercial projects being obtained through tender, whereas domestic projects are usually quote and milestone based.

What Kind Of Construction Do I Need?

It’s easy to tell which type of construction you need. Commercial is reserved very much for large-scale government or corporation works. If you own a large business and need a new industrial space or office building, then you may need commercial building. However, if you just need a new house built or an extension, then domestic will be more appropriate.

Contact Killian Construction For Domestic Construction

For commercial or domestic construction, get in touch with Killian. We’re prepared to tackle any project, big or small, so you can have peace of mind that everything we do is built to a high standard.


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