Killian Engineering

Killian Construction provides an efficient and effective variety of services, including a range of engineering solutions, groundworks and battery energy storage systems. Whatever the project’s size or scope, our experts always ensure the project is completed safely and to a high standard. Get in touch with us to discuss your project or arrange a free quote.

Groundworks and Civil Contractor


As experienced groundworkers and civil contractors, Killian Construction can manage natural landscapes, including hillsides and pastures, as well as man-made creations, such as roads, tunnels, buildings and bridges. Read our groundworks page <anchor link> to find out more about our services.

Engineering Consultants

Killian Construction’s team of reliable engineering consultants advise our clients on the most suitable methods to undertake engineering projects. Being mindful of cost and timings, our engineering consultants help to plan out and manage your project, and will report back to you with any updates or information.

Structural Engineering

Our team of structural engineers are skilled and innovative professionals, who attentively design constructions to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. At Killian Construction, we always aim to be thorough, and prioritise discussing your requirements in order to develop a sound structural system that is practical, secure and suitable for its intended use.

Value Engineering

We want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your money, which is why we meticulously evaluate our projects to ensure cost effectiveness without sacrificing project quality. Value engineering also reduces unnecessary waste by providing a detailed overview of the project, which saves time and is also better for the environment.

Solar Farm Groundworks

As part of our groundworks services, Killian Construction prepares land and establishes appropriate foundations for the installation of solar farms. We construct the groundworks being mindful of roads and access routes, and dig trenches ensuring effective drainage and wiring. We also provide grading to make sure the land is level where possible.

BESS Site Set Ups

With the rise in energy prices and increased sustainability efforts, many companies are considering investing in battery energy storage systems (BESS) as a means of reducing their carbon emissions. BESS uses batteries to store and efficiently distribute renewable electrical energy for future usage. They are cost effective and usually simple to install, making them ideal for those searching for reliable energy storage systems. Killian Construction provides BESS site set ups, and our experienced team will ensure that your location is suitable prior to installation. 


An established construction company serving Devon and Cornwall. Contact us to discuss your free, no-obligation quote.
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